A Japanese hashtag did the rounds on Twitter encouraging photographers to share the photo that they will never be able to take again due to the chance circumstances in which they were taken. Some harkened back to the trip of a lifetime, or to celebrities that they will never see at such close quarters again. But often these photos were the result of serendipitous natural occurrences.

This ethereal example made a particular impression on Twitter, garnering over 60,000 reweets and 195,000 likes.

Source: @m_roadster

Nori Yuasa is a photographer based in Hyogo, but this shot was taken in Nara prefecture, the famous home of roaming deer. This photo shows the stunning natural beauty of the area.

In his caption he describes the lucky coincidences that led to this perfect shot. Firstly that no one else was around, secondly that thick fog and strong winds created an eerie atmosphere. For just a moment the fog cleared in the centre directly above the pathway, revealing the cosmos behind it, and the photographer quickly took his chance.

Commenters noticed that the otherworldy scene could easily be a frame from a science fiction movie.

Although Nori Yuasa humbly claims that he will never take another photo like this again, the photographer’s social media and website have a range of photos which display comparative, if not equal beauty. Check out his Twitter for more stunning photos of Japan!

By - Jess.