Today, on World Oceans Day (June 8th), Hello Kitty released a video on her official YouTube channel, HELLO KITTY CHANNEL, of her online interview with Japanese national research institute JAMSTEC (the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology).

Taking on the role of reporter, the beloved Sanrio character interviewed JAMSTEC's Ryōta Nakajima 中嶋亮太 on the problem of plastic marine waste. The video aims to promote awareness of this serious issue facing the world's oceans as part of Sanrio's efforts towards Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water.

Plastic trash in the ocean's depths

In this video, Hello Kitty, who has been supporting the SDGs since 2018, interviewed Mr. Nakajima, whose research is focused on the harmful effects of plastic trash collecting in the depths of the ocean.

At a depth of around 6,000 meters, various types of plastic waste such as plastic bags and food packages were strewn.

Here we can see JAMSTEC's Deep Submergence Research Vehicle SHINKAI 6500 conducting research on ocean plastic:

Kitty was shocked to learn that "in 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean," and that "studies have shown that the deep sea is the ultimate reservoir for plastic waste." She asked Mr. Nakajima to suggest what actions her viewers could take.

At the end, Kitty joins the members of the JAMSTEC project team singing a song specially composed for the occasion, called "Let's protect the abundance of oceans," calling attention to Sustainable Development Goal 14.


English subtitles are available if you turn them on in the video captions settings:

Previous SDGs-themed videos on HELLO KITTY CHANNEL

This is hardly the first time that Hello Kitty as introduced SDG 14 o. her channel. For example, on World Oceans Day two years ago, 2019, she released a video called "We want to make the oceans clean, too." (海の中もきれいにしたい!【ハローキティSDGs応援 Goal 14】)

She also released a two-parter on the Koh Tao coral reef in the waters off the coast of Thailand, one video interviewing a representative from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) entitled "Learn about Goal 14 with Kitty" and the other video on location in Koh Tao.

To see all the SDGs-related videos posted by Hello Kitty, you can visit her special SDGs project page here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.