Cover Co., Ltd., known for its Vtuber talent agency Hololive Production, has entered into a business-academia collaboration with Tokyo Communication Arts College (TCA).

This project is a part of an initiative by Cover Corporation aiming to provide students with opportunities to experience the same process as industry professionals and to accelerate their entry into the workforce upon graduation.

A contest initiated in September 2021 and ending in January 2022 is being held in which students majoring in 3DCG creation and Comic Illustration are required to create 3D animations and Live2D models, respectively. Submissions will be judged by the company's 3D and 2D production teams, and outstanding works will be awarded and exhibited at the school's graduation and advancement exhibition.

In this new program, Cover Corporation will support the creative activities of TCA students. As a company that plays a major role in the content industry through its talented VTubers, Cover Corporation is uniquely positioned to contribute to the development of creators needed by the industry.

In parallel with their normal business activities, Cover has also been conducting activities to contribute to the local community. For example, they launched a "Public-Private Partnership Platform for Local SDGs," they have conducted other initiatives leading to regional revitalization, and continue to participate in a campaign for welfare support during the novel coronavirus pandemic organized by the Akai Hane Central Community Chest of Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.