Every year in June, Pride Month is celebrated in the United States to support LGBTQ+ people. JAPONISME, which provides travel services to people from all walks of life under the slogan "voyage from anywhere," has adopted a Pride Month logo in support of this philosophy, along with a special campaign that includes discounts on virtual tours to Japan.

Japonisme is offering guided tours for 500 yen in June through Airbnb, which also supports Pride Month. The company wants to bring virtual tours to as many people as possible, even if they are unable to travel to Japan. Japonisme prides itself on its openness, always inviting user participation in an unbiased and welcoming manner.

For example, here is one of their discounted Airbnb virtual tours:

Explore Takayama's Old Town in Japan (500 yen in June)

Explore Takayama's Old Town in Japan

The virtual tour takes you on a walk through Hida Takayama with a guide, showing you how to enjoy Japan with a focus on guiding you through the rich culture of the area. What used to be something that could only be experienced by going in person has now been distilled into a compact 75-minute tour that can be accessed by anyone online.

Even in a world where it is difficult to travel freely, you can still experience the joy of travel by participating in Japonisme's virtual tour with guests from all over the world.

Promotional video

Virtual tours available on Japonisme

Japonisme currently offers three types of virtual tours to the public. Tours are offered in English, but participation from within Japan is also possible. All tours can be booked through the official website.

Virtual Tour Japan -Kyoto-


Virtual Tour Japan -Takayama-


Japan Art Trip - Ukiyo-e -


For more information, visit the Japonisme website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.