On June 18th, Japanese SNS marketing company FinT, Inc. announced the launch of "TAP: Take Action for Peace", an Instagram media created by popular singer AI.

Although there has been an increase in the number of corporate initiatives and media-based messaging related to SDGs in Japan recently, many young Japanese people are still unsure about what they can do on an individual level or have the impression that participating is too difficult.

FinT teamed up with AI to launch TAP as the first-ever Instagram-based SDGs media outlet by an artist aiming to promote a peaceful world. With the message of "Take Action for Peace," TAP will present AI's thoughts on the environment and society in a fun and easy to understand manner. FinT will use its experience in Instagram marketing geared towards young people to help raise awareness.

AI's message

I know it's out of the blue, but I have a question for you: What is your dream? My dream is "World Peace." When I say this, I often get a reaction like, "What is peace?" I understand that feeling very well because 'peace' is vague and difficult to understand.

It's exactly the same with these "SDGs" that we hear so much about these days. I don't know what I should do specifically. But instead of not taking action because I don't know, I want to start with what I do know. It doesn't have to be a big deal. I think even being a little kinder to others or more caring about Nature today than you were yesterday is good enough.

There are things that I can tell everyone because I'm no different than you are and I'll also be learning more about the SDGs. There are things that I can take action on. With that in mind, I decided to start this media.


AI's SDGs track record

AI already has a track record of working towards SDGs. For example, she was the official artist for "One Young World Tokyo 2022," the world's largest global forum for next-generation leaders on the theme of contributing to the SDGs, providing the theme song "Not So Different."

AI was also the first Japanese representative to join "Together At Home," an online project helmed by the Global Citizen & World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with artists from around the world. She also contributed the theme song "HOPE" for the "deleteC" project aiming to accelerate the search for the cure to cancer, in which she also participated.

About TAP

Instagram link: TAP: Take Action for Peace

"TAP: Take Action for Peace" is the first Instagram SDGs media project created by AI, a singer and artist dedicated to creating a peaceful world.

The "TAP: Take Action for Peace" message focuses on environmental and social issues that AI is interested in, and also includes videos to encourage people to take action now.

Future initiatives
The first theme is about "dreams," which are important in realizing a peaceful world. In addition, TAP would like to introduce companies that are engaged in environmentally friendly activities and share AI's thoughts on how to realize an ideal world.

Message from Yui Ōtsuki 大槻祐依, CEO of FinT Co., Ltd.

We were moved by AI's passionate desire to achieve "world peace" and decided to start this project together. Up until now, our company has had a vision of "making the world whole and happy." We have been supporting the efforts of companies in various ways through SNS marketing centered on Instagram management. This is the first time for us to manage a media outlet with AI. By combining AI's thoughts and our vision, we will aim for a better future by promoting the dissemination of information that will encourage more people to learn about and work on sustainable development goals.

Yui Ōtsuki, CEO of FinT Co., Ltd.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.