Following food waste, fashion waste is one of the most serious environmental problems facing our world. It is said that the amount of clothing discarded in Japan alone reaches about one million tons per year.

It is not only excess stock that is disposed of as waste. Excess fabric is also part of the problem. About 30% of this fabric is cuttings, which are disposed of in landfills or incinerated, putting a heavy burden on our environment.

UpcycleLino™ fashion line

Developed by the natural material fashion brand nest Robe / CONFECT, UpcycleLino™ is a completely upcycled fashion brand that aims to alleviate the problem of fashion waste. The items are manufactured entirely waste-free by reusing cut scraps of undyed linen fabric, turned back into yarn, and then used to weave fabric and make new clothes.

UpcycleLino™ clothes hangers

So what happens to the colored scraps that cannot be made into clothes?

The answer is clothes hangers.

These dyed scraps are crafted into innovative, original clothes hangers. nest Robe / CONFECT has created a completely new type of clothes hanger which you can buy from their online store.

The process of making UpcycleLino™ hangers

First, scraps of excess fabric are collected at a factory in Okayama Prefecture. There, they are subjected to a crusher and pulverized until they become fibers.

The pulverized material is processed, turned into fent, shaped into soft felt-like boards, and molded into a hanger shape.

Finally, the boards are compressed and hardened using a binder and heat to make them strong enough to be used practically as clothes hangers.

The hangers are made from natural materials, so they are biodegradable and will return to the earth.


UpcycleLino™ Original Hangers (Set of 5) are only available at nest Robe / CONFECT's online store here. A set of 5 costs 1,650 JPY + shipping.

You can also buy undyed UpcycleLino™ tees, shirts, and pants, along with other fashionable items at the nest Robe online shop here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.