In May 2019, enkara LLC released its epynomous web media with the mission of "updating our understanding of dogs" and "realizing a better future for dogs and people"

Enkara launched the "Up-Cycle Dogwear Project" to collect used children's clothes directly from children, design and sew them in Japan, and upcycle them into dog wear. This not only creates new value, but also a system whereby children can experience and understand the sustainable cycle on the web. The company's goal is to deliver the upcycled dog wear to shelter dogs looking for human families.

enkara had already realized a successful round in May in which used clothes were collected and upcycled into dog onesies, but now they've announced the sale of a new series of upcycled dog bandanas. Each bandana is unique and cute, so hopefully, you'll enjoy them with your dog.

Involving children in the process

The process begins when children put their own clothes directly into enkara's collection box and receive an individually numbered stamp card. When the end product is created, they can search for their number on the web, and see online how their clothes were upcycled and which dogs received them.

You can see how this works and purchase dog wear here.

Helping dogs

When you buy one of these bandanas, the proceeds will be used to help protect and find new homes for shelter dogs in need of families.

After your purchase, if you wish to become a sponsor, enkara will ask you to contribute a photo of your dog wearing it so they can feature you on their website.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.