Humans have different personalities. Some are outgoing, some are reserved, some are hard-working, some are lazy, some are nice, and some are complete as—you get the point. Any pet-lover knows, that the same can be said about dogs.

Twitter user Muusan Merukun(@muuuuuu72) has a Golden retriever Muu and toy poodle Meru. Like any good owner, Muusan Merukun takes them when she goes running. One day, she realized something funny:

"A toy poodle who thinks he is a large-breed dog. (They were raised together)."

As you can see, the toy poodle Meru isn’t afraid to rough-house with the golden retriever Muu, who is several times his size.

Muusan’s followers reacted:

  • “I love the fourth picture a lot!”
  • “He’s so cute.”
  • “They are certainly lively.”

She also posted this video on Twitter.

"Meru thinks he’s a big dog"

Sometimes, small dogs seem to have something of an inferiority complex—they are nervous and aggressive around other dogs. However, Meru certainly hasn't heard the news.

Domestic camo

Another quirky canine made the rounds recenlty on Twitter. See for yourself...if you can:

"Shhhh!! Don't make a sound!! It's me!! I came to help!!"

Mofumofu Doga(@ru_ruru831) posted this picture. 90,000 people liked it. Many reacted:

  • “He’s an expert at hiding. ”
  • “It’s totally camouflaged.”
  • “I actually thought it was a dog-design blanket.”
  • “Oh my goodness. It’s so cute.”

"It's like the movie ’Rambo: First Blood Part II’ "

While this pupper is rolled up in a blanket, another cat is wearing a waist warmer around her belly. I feel like they must be kindred spirits:

"I thought she would sleep wearing the waist warmer. It's funny how she was still using it in the morning. Yeah, I know you need to keep your belly warm. Lol"

"She was using it like this. Her ears must also be warmed."

Chikuwa (@sktfd0310) posted these pictures—you have to admit her feline looks pretty comfortable. Followers commented:

  • “I want to be a cute girl with a waist warmer like this cat.”
  • “She’s like the Catbus in the film My Neighbor Totoro.”
  • “It’s so cute! Girls need to warm their bodies.”
  • “She has a high sense of beauty!”
  • “She is like a hermit crab. So sweet!!”
  • “She looks so warm! I want to buy this waist warmer."
  • “She looks as smart as a human.”
  • “There is a lot of scary news recently, so I came to see this picture. Let’s wait out the with her.”

Cat sisters

As you know, everyone struggles to stay during the winter months. The same is as true of humans as it is of cats. See what I mean:

"Beasts around the fire."

Twitter user Yamazaki Unamuu (@unamuu2014) posted these picture and her followers reacted:

  • “It’s the fire for believers. They are gathering close. So cute.”
  • “In a thousand years, future cats will recant this moment as a fairy tale.”
  • “I imagined one of the cats saying ‘Hey, today is so cold. You think so too?’ ”
  • “Haha. It’s a nice picture. It makes me feel calm.”
  • “Perhaps, cats will make the next civilization.”
  • “I want to join them.”
  • “It’s a cat meeting. They seem so serious.”
  • “It's a new ritual.”

I wonder what they are talking about. Maybe they are praying for world peace.

Nevertheless, after they warm-up, they are sure to fall asleep:

"Few minutes later, everyone falls asleep. Lol"

They are always spending time together. Even in their dreams..?

By - Luke Mahoney.