Studio Ghibli’s iconic Spirited Away is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year since the release of the movie. They have announced the anniversary memorial logo and campaign event details of which event will be held in all locations of “Donguri Kyowakoku”, as well as online shopping site “Soranoue store”.

The logo is based on the motif of the Aburaya bathhouse and surrounding area from the movie, consisting of Chihiro, Haku, and N-Face in the center, as well as the red bridge portrayed in the movie in the bottom portion of the logo. Beautiful mosaic tile patterns decorate the circle around Haku and Chihiro. The logo is a special limited edition for the year of 2021, a Donguri Kyowakoku Original.

The details of the campaign will be available on Donguri Kyowakoku’s social media pages. Stay tuned!



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By - Mugi.