Adidas is releasing collaborative project items with world renowned artist Hiroko Takahashi, its first Japanese Happi and Yukata style jackets along with a total of 89 new items as of June 11th, 2021.

The collection consists of Takahashi’s signature graphics, a dynamic yet sophisticated circular design which portrays many different characters existing together, stimulate one another, and resonate with each other, and like ripples it continues to spread further and further every so strongly.

In this collection, there will be a wide range of items such as Japanese Happi and Yukata style jackets, Jinbei sets for kids, footwear and golf apparel.

HAPPI jacket, 8,789 yen

YUKATA jacket, 8,789 yen

Kid’s JINBEI set, 7,689 yen

ULTRABOOST, 22,000 yen

SUPERSTAR, 14,300 yen

By - Mugi.