Gyoza fanatics might not think twice about traveling far and wide to devour a plate of delicious potstickers, but that doesn't mean those who are less inclined to journey long distances aren't as enthusiastic about tasting new flavors. Luckily for everyone, a 4-day Gyoza Festival will be held in Tokyo where foodies can get a taste of up to 30 different kinds of gyoza hailing from some of the most popular restaurants in Japan.

From March 17th〜20th at Komazawa Olympic Park, food booths will be offering everything from orthodox gyoza dishes to those veering from the traditional style, allowing visitors to get a bite of diverse flavors of the familiar cuisine.

With 20 booths — and hence 20 restaurants — in total, the biggest issue is deciding where to start first. Should it be with the garlicky goodness of traditional-style gyozas, or dumplings stuffed with a mesmerizing mix of giblets and cilantro? Considering the number of options and the ever-growing crowds, strategizing will become imperative for serious eaters.

To help out, here are some of our favorites from the festival:

Juicy Pork Xiaolongbao Dumplings

Spicy Sichuan-Style Boiled Dumplings

Italian-Style Blue Cheese and Tomato Sauce Boiled Dumplings

Perfect with a glass of wine, also sold at the festival!

The Gyoza Festival will be held over the weekend of March 17th〜20th. Although the event is located in a spacious outdoor area, it doesn't take long before event staff begins holding up "Line Ends Here" signs at the tails of long queues, so hungry visitors will want to head over early and get food tickets before it becomes too congested. The gates open at 11AM and close at 9PM (8PM on the 20th), making it possible for the determined to try out every single type of gyoza available there. Of course, there are additional booths selling rice, soup, wine, beer, and other drinks and desserts for anyone seeking a full hearty meal.

Visit the Gyoza Festival website for more information, and make sure to arrive at this glorious gyoza event with an empty stomach!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.