Setta are traditional style Japanese sandals. For many years, the industry had been protecting traditional techniques quite conservatively until a Setta design company, “DESIGN SETTA SANGO” stepped up to create a new concept of “A fashion in demand” for the Setta industry. This June, they are releasing a new line of designs called “TEMPYO”.

Tempyo is a beautiful, flower or bird themed design pattern seen on Nara’s proud world’s heritage site, Shosoin (Shoso Repository). On their newly designed Setta, the signature Tompyo Monyou (Tempyo pattern) is delicately stitched on its Hanao (the sandal strap). Each Setta is handcrafted by skilled Setta artisan professionals, taking 10 times longer production time than regular Setta to ensure its comfort for those who wear them.

Using the experience and techniques honed for years by professional artisans, there are a few points that set the Setta of DESIGN SETTA SANGO apart from other Setta.

Hanao (Sandal strap):

It is thick and rounded. Four layers of cushioning materials and cotton inside mold it into the user’s foot shape. This technique is an advanced artisan technique that only experienced professionals can perfect.

Ten (Insole):

Without the use of a bias tape, instead, their insole finishing process solely depends on the particular technique of the professionals, called “Tenmaki” sawing technique. The insole itself uses very soft material on top of 2 layered cushions creating a comfortable walking experience for the users.


From their originally designed mold, rounded wide width, and the eco-friendly materials, they have perfected the sole of these Setta. The double process on the sole makes the Setta appropriate for both indoor AND outdoor. It is durable enough for outdoor use on a pavement, and also is specially made to not damage your flooring for indoor use.

This new Setta design is also not caught up with typical traditional or conservative design, which makes them look flawlessly fashionable with long skirts or even a pair of jeans.

There are four models in the TEMPYO series:





Pre Orders are available as of June 20th, 2021, in the below sizes:


Price: 10800 yen (11880 yen with tax)

The release is limited to 200 pairs. They are also setting the overseas debut for the fall of 2021. Their goal is to normalize the word “Setta” instead of “Japanese sandals” as they’ve been described in English up till now.

By - Mugi.