During COVID-19, the demand for various industries is increasing. Perhaps surprisingly, vacation villas fall within this category. Until recently, villas were naturally considered by most to be a place for resting and relaxing during a long vacation. However, with the mainstreaming of teleworking, it seems that the idea of "getting away from it all" may be a thing of the past. As such, workations are becoming more common, and residents are enjoying rental villas as they do so.

So-called ‘workations’ are a recent phenomenon of the digital nomad era whereby residents travel to typical vacation areas while continuing their normal work routine. As the trend develops, more residents are seeking out villas for a much-needed change of scenery.

Workations on Twitter

Unsurprisingly, ‘workation’ is a common buzzword on Twitter and other SNS platforms. Many residents noted:

  • “I had a workation in such a beautiful place today. It was too good!”
  • “I hope workations become more popular! Some people say that you have to go to the office every day to have a job, but I think those people are just afraid of change. It would be great if more and more hotels and private lodgings started workation plans.”
  • “It would be great if there were more places with WiFi and desks that would make it easier to work.”
  • “I hope that the workation will become more popular.”
  • “When I work while enjoying a nice view, I make a lot of progress. Take a walk, eat breakfast, relax in my room. I'm happy. I envy people who can workate every day”
  • "I decided to go to Okinawa for about five days from the end of the month. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe it's been 20 years since I’ve been to Okinawa.”

A home away from home

"SANU 2nd Home" is offering "another home for living in nature" from autumn 2021. Early applications for initial members started earlier this year in April. With SANU, interested parties can stay at various bases, "SANU CABINs," all over Japan by registering as a member. As such, customers forego the hassle and expense of renting or purchasing properties on their own.

Prices and Amenities

Naturally, these 2nd homes are fully furnished. Properties include refrigerator, tableware and cutlery, seasoning, cooking utensils, shampoo and soap, washing machine, dryer and towels, high-speed WiFi, BBQ stove, speaker, two double beds, an island kitchen, dining table, work desk, wood stove, wood deck, smart lock, and screen.

Moreover, there is a quiet workspace where people can concentrate on work. For fun, there is a barbecue stove and a home theater screen. Costs include:

  • “Monthly membership fee: 55,000 yen.”
  • “Accommodation fees: Monday-Friday: Free. Friday-Sunday, public holidays, and the day before public holidays: 5,500 yen / night.”
  • “Cleaning fee: 3,300 yen.”

Properties are intended for up to four people (two per bed), but there is no charge for additional guests. During COVID-19, this type of break may be a welcome change of pace for many. If you live in Japan, and are interested, see their website here.

By - Luke Mahoney.