While the demand for pets drastically increased due to the recent pandemic, the number of pet abandonment and negligence has unfortunately been also increasing in Japan. This is due to the lack of knowledge and research of pet’s owners prior to welcoming them into the family. Recent research research conducted by Cross Marketing Inc. shows that less than 40% of the people who decided to get a pet actually spent time looking into what it takes to take care of these animals and how to raise them in detail. As a result, many people ended up with the headaches of not knowing how to properly care for these pets. During pandemic restrictions, it has also been difficult to get to in-person training classes, too.

Now, in order to help provide relief and curb pet abandondment, Japanese "remote hobby and experience" company Hobbys is introducing a new online class “Hobbys Online Dog School” starting July 4th!

The instructor for this workshop is an experienced dog trainer, and the class will be held in a small group which allows the participants to receive quality instructions and class time with the instructor, but also allows them to share their struggles and experience with other participants.

The classes are structured in a series of lessons, but you do not have to commit to all of them, either. This would make you feel more at ease to give it a try if you were not familiar with online workshops and classes.

In addition, as a start-off campaign, the first 50 people to make a reservation get a discounted price of 1,500 yen (normally 3,000yen) for the first lesson.

More information about the campaign, including signups for the online course, can be found at the official website.

By - Mugi.