One of three typhoons threatening Japan this week, Typhoon Mindulle made landfall early Monday. For those that live in Japan or have been in the country during typhoon season, it is easy to understand that what is usually a well-organized and efficiently constructed system of public transport and services can be derailed by extremely strong winds and heavy rainfall, outside of the obvious concern for public safety. This week commuters who braved the elements took to social media to show the extent of effects. Monday was a particularly tough day to be out and about, and a reminder that typhoons are way more than just your average rain storm.

One Twitter user posted a video saying the Chuo Expressway had turned into a swimming school.

A manhole in Tokyo doesn't last long.

Chuo University's stairs turned into Splash Mountain.

Large trees fell onto the overhead cables on the Yamanote Line at Harajuku station.

The train's movement on an extremely busy line was suspended for hours.

Workers moved diligently to get things back up to safety and speed.

A school in Kawagoe is completely waterlogged.

A dog whose doghouse got blown over, but is surprisingly cool about it.

Not the smartest idea, but this definitely shows just how wet the streets are.

It just wouldn't be a typhoon without a crab showing up in the neighborhood.

While Japan gets hit by many lesser typhoons that are more of a nuisance than anything else, the bigger ones can get truly chaotic. If you're ever in the country during typhoon season, make sure to pay attention to weather reports and warnings, and stay safe!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.