Afternoon Tea LIVING, a company operated by SAZABY LEAGUE Inc. released bento lunch boxes, tote bags, and other lifestyle items made of eco-friendly materials on Wednesday, July 28, as part of its efforts to raise awareness of endangered animals in our daily lives and to promote sustainable development.

Animal Lunch Box series made with Rice Resin®

This is the first time in Japan that lunch box products are available containing Rice Resin®, a domestic biomass plastic derived from rice. The five animals used in the art, including orangutans and pandas, are newly drawn by illustrator chitose chitose. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to "more trees," a forest conservation organization that works to protect the forests where orangutans live.

  • Lunch box (leopard): 2,860 JPY
  • Lunch box (panda / available only at official stores): 2,860 JPY
  • Dessert case (orangutan): 1,650 JPY
  • Lunch box (owl): 3,080 JPY
  • Lunch box (mixed group of animals): 2,860 JPY
  • Lunch box (zebra): 2,640 JPY

About Rice Resin®

Rice Resin® is a material that uses new technology to upcycle rice into biomass plastic pellets like these:

The rice is either inedible old rice, rice shreds generated in the process of making rice-based snacks, and other rice that would otherwise be disposed of as animal feed. Rice Resin® is unique to Japan and is a high-quality material almost equivalent to petroleum-based plastics. In addition, since it's made from plants originally found on the earth, it's a carbon-neutral product.

Tote bags and other items made with organic cotton

  • Furoshiki wrapping cloth: 2,530 JPY
  • Drawstring bag set: 2,200 JPY
  • Tote bag: 1,980 JPY

Eco-bags made with recycled polyester

  • Eco-bags: 1,760 JPY each (Panda is available only at official stores)

Price include tax

more trees

The "more trees" GIA is a forest conservation organization headed by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. It's engaged in a variety of initiatives under the theme of "connecting cities and forests." For example, "more trees" works with local communities to conserve forests, plans and develops products using domestic timber, and conveys information on forests and their importance to the public through events.

chitose chitose

Born in Nara Prefecture and currently living in Osaka, illustrator chitose chitose's work was selected for the 2019 Bologna International Picture Book Original Drawing Exhibition.

These products will be available at Afteroon Tea living retail shops throughout Japan as well as their online store from July 28th, 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.