Tea lovers in Japan are in for a sweet treat with koe donut kyoto’s Japanese Milk Tea Fair. Based in Kyoto City’s central Nakagyō Ward, koe donuts specializes in the use of ingredients that are organic, natural, and locally produced. They collaborated with two tea experts — YUGEN, a high-quality Japanese tea specialty store, and Milk Tea Service, a catering service that delivers milk tea in Tokyo — to create a new menu for the Japanese Milk Tea Fair.

One of the items on the menu is the Donut Melt (1,100 yen), a doughnut dish that’s an explosion of tea flavors and is served in two variations. The Matcha Milk Tea Donut Melt is made from dough that’s been soaked in a blend of uji matcha and ceylon tea, while the Hōjicha Milk Tea Donut Melt is flavored with a blend of hōjicha and ceylon tea. Both variations are filled with mascarpone cream, chocolate crumble, and topped with tea-flavored Mont Blanc cream.

The other new items on the menu are (from top to bottom) the Milk Tea Butter Sandwich Cruller (275 yen), a French Cruller doughnut sandwich flavored with black tea and filled with cream and cranberries, the Matcha Milk Tea doughnut (253 yen), and the Hōjicha Marron Chocolate Old Fashioned (275 yen), a doughnut topped with a creamy blend of fragrant hōjicha and chocolate chestnut.

Lastly, you can’t have a milk tea festival without milk tea drinks, and koe donuts is offering two types, the mellow iced Matcha Milk Tea and the rich iced Hōjicha Milk Tea. Both drinks are priced at 550 yen.

You can view the rest of koe donuts’ menu and find more information about the store through their Japanese website.

By - Jen Laforteza.