Every year, organic doughnut shop Floresta collaborates with character goods giant Sanrio for the new doughnut lineup they release on special occasions. We’ve seen doughnut versions of Gudetama for New Year’s Day, Hello Kitty for Christmas, and Cinnamoroll for White Day, all within the past year.

This year, a different set of Sanrio characters are finally making their doughnut debut: the adorable blue and pink duo of Kiki and Lala, also known as Little Twin Stars.

White Day is a celebration observed in Japan that falls every March 14th. It is an extension of Valentine’s Day — a day normally reserved for girls to give chocolates and other sweets to guys — and exactly one month later on White Day, the guys then return the favor by giving girls sweets they bought or made themselves.

Kiki and Lala’s smiling faces are recreated in a round doughnut, and along with a white chocolate star, they sit atop a ring doughnut glazed with strawberry chocolate. One doughnut costs 450 yen, and they can be purchased from March 1 to March 14, 2021 in Floresta stores nationwide. You can see a full list of their stores in Japanese through their website.

By - Jen Laforteza.