Here’s a short story to brighten your day!

Twitter user (@chipie0826) lives with her two cats.

One night in May 2021, she rescued a mewing kitten she found outside her place and named her Okome-chan.

You can tell from all the Twitter posts that Okome-chan gets lots of love and is enjoying her new life with (@chipie0826).

Okome-chan’s Peculiar Habit

Okome-chan’s owner shared a new video of them playing together on July 1, 2021.

"Please don’t look if you have a weak heart. I almost died."

Okome-chan is sucking her owner’s finger like it’s a bottle of milk!

It is often said that this behavior is a sign that a kitten is safe and wants to be pampered.

Many viewers shared their reactions to the video:

  • I died safely after watching the video.
  • Please send an ambulance.
  • It’s too cute… what a dangerous video.

It seems that many people’s hearts have been won over.

Okome-chan’s video has been viewed more than 650,000 times!

The strong bond between Okome-chan and her owner is easily felt in this video and it warmed my heart.

By - Mujo.