While there's a very good reason for the expression "puppy dog eyes", cat lovers will be sure to remind that felines have their own irresistible charm when it comes to getting their way. Matsutake-chan (@matsutake_cat), an adorable cat in Japan, may be one of the best recent reminders of that.

Recently, Matsutake-chan's owner shared a photo of the persistent year-old kitty to Twitter, capturing Matsutake-chan's art of appeal during feeding time. They shared the photo with the caption "Matsutake-chan, who is very good at begging", and we can't say the claim is wrong!

Source: @matsutake_cat

Matsutake-chan isn't simply making the typical pet begging motion you often see (as adorable as that is in its own right), but actually curling her paws as if totally smitten with the treat. Of course, her technique worked out just fine in the end.

Source: @matsutake_cat

To see more of Matsutake-chan's adorably expressive antics, be sure to follow on Twitter and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.