In Japan, the hydrangea flower season peaks between June and July.

It always seems to lift up your mood to see colorful hydrangea flowers fully blooming on the street.

Photos of gorgeous hydrangeas that Japanese photographer Ayuki (@auki999) posted on Twitter are gaining viral popularity from all over the world.

The photos were taken at Amabiki Kannon Temple in Sakuragawa city, Ibaraki prefecture. It’s a very well-known spot to see hydrangea, especially the “suichuka” where hydrangea flowers are artistically floated in a pond which is regarded as a must see for travelers.

Also, it turns out that it wasn’t just people that were fond of this beautiful water garden. Take a look at these three stunning photos that will leave you with a feeling of summer refreshment.

Source: @auki999

Source: @auki999

Source: @auki999

"Suichuka in Amabiki Kannon and its adorable creatures."

In the vast layer of floating flowers in the pond, two ducks are swimming so gracefully. It looks like a scene taken right out of a fantasy book.

Even the ducks look as though they are enjoying the scenery.

This post was shared immediately all over the world, and received many comments:

“This washes my soul away. Is this heaven?”

“Both the ducks’ bushy tails and the rounded flowers look adorably fluffy! This looks like a scene from a children’s book.”

“How beautiful… The two birds look like messengers sent by God.”

These adorable ducks and the beautiful hydrangea flowers are such a healing pair for your soul.

By - Mugi.