If you're anything like me, a blast from the past is always appreciated. Especially when it comes to video games. After all, I spent most of my youth neglecting my homework and hunched over on the couch, playing endless amounts Nintendo. Naturally, its nice to check up on those classic All-Star characters every now and again.

Over the years, we at grape Japan have kept tabs on Kirby. We've highlighted releases such as detailed Kirby Super Star figurines and huggable heated Kirby plushies perfecting for cozying up to during winter months. As many likely already know, Kirby has two official cafes located in Tokyo and Hakata. We also occasionally drop in to order chocolate Valentine’s treats or delactable dessert burgers. All in all, there are enough developments in the land of the rising sun to keep even the most die-hard of Kirby fans satisfied.

A new collaboration

Fashion variety goods store ITS’ DEMO recently announced its collaboration with the popular Kirby’s Dream Land series. The initiative just launched in mid-January.

The crossover includes two main design themes: a spring-time "star flower" floral pattern and the "pupupu gift" type meant to be more playful. The "star flower" theme consists of a luscious flower motif that is intended to be reminiscent of warm spring days.

The "pupupu" gift theme, on the other hand, is relatable to those who, like Kirby, struggle with wrapping. The motif is intended to convey the excitement of choosing a gift as well as the thrill of gift-giving. It features Kirby playing with a ribbon, and it's cutesy-theme makes it perfect for Valentine's Day gifts.

All in all, the crossover includes 131 items in various colors from masks to protect wearers from the pandemic to more commonplace goods like stationery. These special-edition products are decorated in either design pattern. An initial batch of products such as hand towels and stationery was released January 19th, and more household decorative items will be available from February 9th. Items range in price from about 200 to 4500 JPY ($2-43).

If you’re interested in ordering, it’s best to act quickly. You can find more information and check out the catalog for yourself by heading over to ITS’ DEMO’s website here.

By - Luke Mahoney.