Earlier this month, Shoeface, a Japanese company that repurposes old or discarded kimono and traditional fabrics into stylish and distinct shoelaces, opened up its first pop-up store earlier this month to much interest.

With a mission to show that the beauty of kimono and other traditional garments can still be appreciated long after their initial purpose or perhaps even one-time use is over, Shoeface provides gorgeous flourishes to footwear with one-of-a-kind designs that preserve some truly stylish designs.

Now Shoeface has announced that their designs will soon be available for purchase overseas with a new international online store. Shoeface will be offering luxury shoelace designs made from antique kimono, scarves, and Kurume Kasuri (a traditional woven cotton fabric dyed with indigo) on their online store.


Kimono collection.

Kurume Kasuri

Kurume Kasuri collection.

Those overseas looking for unique and gorgeous shoelace upgrades inspired by traditional Japanese garments can officially begin ordering from Shoeface's online store beginning August 1st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.