As time goes by, so do people's lifestyles. Fashion, in particular, is one visible sign of the changing times.

Recently in Japan, nostalgia for the Showa Era (1926-1989) is trending. Not only are foods and drinks inspired by the Showa era, such as retro puddings and cola floats, to retro illustrations on cough drop tins, umbrellas with cream soda motifs and apparel featuring classic anime from the 1980s.

Earlier this year, a corner of a Japanese cafe was suddenly taken back to the late Showa Era in the heydey of Japan's bubble economy, thanks to the appearance of 阪田マリン Marin Sakata (@marin_syowasuki).

Sakata was taking a break at the cafe when she overheard another customer saying: "Hey look at this. Right next to you, it's the Showa Era."

If you want to know what he meant, this photo should help:

Reproduced with permission from 阪田マリン Marin Sakata (@marin_syowasuki)

With her brightly colored suit and her mini-skirt, Sakata looked like she stepped off the set of a Japanese period drama portraying life in the late 1980s!

Sakata loves Showa-era fashion and dresses like this on a regular basis. Of course, wherever she goes, her appearance is nostalgic for those who grew up in the Showa Era. Such was clearly the case for the men who commented on her appearance in their conversation.

As she says in her Tweet, she was very pleased when she overheard the comment.

The post went viral and many people responded with comments such as:

  • "I would have done a double-take if I were there. She looks like she'd say 'one reikō please' * when she orders from the menu."
  • "I saw many women like this when I was in my 20s."
  • "It brings back too much memories. I love the instant camera filter on the photo."

* 冷コー reikō is obsolete slang for iced coffee that was popular in the late Showa Era.

However, the comments weren't all nostalgic. Some people who were born long after the Showa Era also appreciate her fashion, saying things like "These outfits are so cute! I wish they would come back into fashion."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.