Dream what you want to dream!

Have you ever thought that “I want to have a great dream!” or “it would be nice if I could control my dreams”?

This summer, a magic lamp and bubbles will grant such wishes! A popular Japanese head massage spa, “Goku no kimochi” (悟空のきもち) has invented special bubbles which will give you the dreams you want. They are well known as an “ultimate sleep” spa. They have five stores in Japan. According to their official website, there are currently 647,766 people on the waiting list of all five branches in Japan (as of June 2021).


This sleep specialty spa is taking things to the next level. They have started to accept reservations for their unique bubbles which can manipulate your dreams! Check the video on the Goku no kimochi official YouTube channel.

What dream can you have with the special bubbles?

The bubbles can show you four types of dreams: travel, flying in the sky, childhood, and romance. You can also pre-order the dream kit onlineto enjoy the dreams at home. They told me that the most popular dream cartridge on sale is the romance cartridge, with the travel cartridge coming in a close second. It will take four months to deliver because so many people have already ordered theirs. How popular!

As part of a special media experience event, I went to their Harajuku branch to try their travel dream course.

Photo by Mochijapan

Onsite Report 1: Before I fell asleep

Before entering the massage room, I was asked to wait in a room with a very unique and stylish interior. You can see more their cool interior in the exclusive report we wrote in 2019.

Photo by Mochijapa

Next, I was asked to sit down on a very comfortable sofa, and the therapist told me to stare at the bubble that would appear from the spout of the magic lamp. Keeping the lamp in sight as I was told, I noticed the lamp gradually started transforming from its white color to yellow color. Just like the YouTube video a huge bubble came out of the spout!

Photo by Mochijapa

The bubble suddenly popped as I was enjoying the experience, and it emitted a pleasant smell. Was the smell related to dreams, and do the four dreams have different smells? "I need to ask about it later," I thought.

After the magic lamp experience, I lay down on the sofa. The therapist started the Goku special ultimate sleep head massage. I've wanted to try Goku no kimochi for five years, which made me think, "Wow! I'm finally getting the ultimate sleep massage, and now I'm too excited to fall asleep!"

It turns out I was worried for nothing. As the therapist massaged my shoulders, arms, back, and head, I was soon off to dreamland.

Photo by Mochijapa

Onsite Report 2: After waking up

Before I knew it, 60 minutes were up.

What? Really? Wait… there are 60 minutes in an hour, right? That felt like it was only 10 minutes.

I slept so deeply that I couldn’t keep track of time. So… this is the power of Goku… the masters of sleep. Oh right, you want to know about my dream. I have to confess that thanks to the very comfortable massage I can’t remember anything. However, after I woke up, I felt incredibly refreshed. Maybe it is because I had a dream about travel. I was so energetic and I walked part of the way back instead of using the train.

Photo by Mochijapa


More about the bubbles and dreams

I asked them about the relationship between the scent and dreams. They told me that each dream requires a different color and scent, as follows:

  • Travel: yellow & eucalyptus
  • Flying in the sky: white & clove leaf
  • Childhood: light blue & cedar wood

They discovered these combinations by analyzing the dreams of 200,000 people in Japan and in the US. Look at the mountain of questionnaires!

I really enjoyed both their head spa and the special bubbles! Which dream do you want to have? Dream what you want to dream with Goku no kimochi’s great invention!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).