Thanks to VR and cotton, you'll never feel lonely again. Bibilab created a strikingly creative concept to find your life partner by having a cotton dummy cuddle behind you.

While inside this romantic VR world, the cotton partner transforms into a husband, wife, lover, or whatever you wish it to be. Being able to actually touch it will give the whole situation the realism and warmth necessary to melt away your solitude.

Sleeping by yourself seems too lonely...

Cotton partner lets you know you're never alone.

Japan’s Christmas is about sharing your time with your dearest.

To achieve full realism, the body is filled with cotton bone. Plus, the cover material is anti-static.

“Here, my love.”

And... it might even prevent robberies.

Bibilab’s cotton partner, made by professional Japanese craftsmen, has been around since 2014 but is now made of higher quality cotton material. The size has also been largely improved to make it as close to real people as possible. You can find them on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.