Haagen-Dazs Japan isn’t afraid to experiment with all kinds of flavours, including distinctly Japanese ingredients and traditional flavours. It’s a strategy that has paid off, as one of their all time most popular flavours in Japan is matcha.

One of their ranges, 'Hana Mochi', offers the chance to sample these tastes in luxurious ice cream form. Two elaborate flavours are released every year, and 2021's collection includes a previous favourite and a brand new icy creation.

The first flavour, which exemplifies traditional Japanese taste, is back by popular demand. The 'Hana Mochi Ginsen Kinako Kuromitsu' has dark roasted kinako (soybean flour) ice cream, mixed with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and topped with soft mochi and aromatic soybean flour.

The new addition is called the ‘Koubashi Mitarashi Kurumi’. Kurumi means walnut, and these release is a twist on their previously launched 'Mitarashi Kurumi' flavour. This seasonally-appropriate offering has roasted walnut and milk ice cream as a base, and it's topped with soft mochi and mitarashi sauce (usually found on mitarashi dango) as a salty-sweet accent.

These ice creams will be appearing in supermarkets and convenience stores this autumn from 14th September 2021. Each mini cup will set you back 319 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.