Japan’s CyberHuman Productions handles a variety of digital content creations, such as 3D scanning and 3DCG contents. They have announced that they will be taking on 3DCG model creation work for the “Digital Twin Label” project launched by CyberAgent, which offers casting services for digital clones or digital twins of famous individuals.

In the Digital Twin Label project, they are estimating to create and cast 500 digital twin celebrities by 2023.

Due to the recent pandemic, restrictions for physical interaction and space continue to be in effect, causing limited work space and environment in the entertainment industry. For many artists in the creative field, a digital platform such as “Metaverse” which utilizes technology called NFT digital arts, has been creating space for their performances since then.

The service Digital Twin Label is mainly intended for celebrities and casting agents, and to create digital clones of famous individuals, allowing them to officially work on digital platforms.

In the “digital twin” production process, it scans 3DCG data of the individual using high-definition 3D scanning technology. Combined with motion data and voice data which reveal all the detailed physical features of the individual, it creates an incredibly high quality digital “clone”. On top of the high quality 3D images,top of the line AI expression technology such as audio signal processing technology, motion capture technology, and lip-syncing technology allows high quality performance of the digital twin.

Their goal is to normalize the concept of digital twin performances by widening official platforms, and to create new value in entertainment work in digital space.

Japanese model Ai Tominaga took on the role as the first digital twin in this project. Her digital twin was created with 3DCG data of not just her face, but her whole entire body. This will make casting in videography or performing in a virtual fashion show possible. She will be challenging to brand her digital twin in the new space of Metaverse.

By - Mugi.