Watchmakers in Japan can do incredible things, but usually the ability to check your Twitter feed or count calories is where we top off our luxuries. Fortunately, the imagination of Japanese producer of vegetables and flower seeds, Takii Seeds is letting us take a look at the next evolution of time-telling, with this promotional video that features a bento lunch-box fit entirely inside a watch.


Source: YouTube

The bento, or Japanese lunch box, watch is not actually a retail item, but an especially designed craft to flex Takii Seeds agricultural muscle and promote the importance of balanced nutrition. In particular, it's an advertisement for their line of "new" nutrient rich vegetables, Phyto Rich. The video starts off by alerting people to the fact that Japanese company workers, or "salarymen" as they are affectionately known as, work extremely busy and rushed schedules, and don't have time to eat proper meals and get the nutrition that they need.

On top of getting a veteran watchmaker to craft to create the custom-sized watch, Takii Seeds also had a diorama enthusiast place all the carefully prepared food in their proper compartments.

With a bento this small, you need a plastic surgeon to cute up the vegetables


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And a big-time chef to prepare the food


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Steady hands are a must


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Imagine if instant noodle-slurping salarymen


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Could just shoot chopsticks out of their watch


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Flip the lid and chow down!


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Bento Watch may not be real, but it's conception can at least serve as a PSA to salarymen that healthy nutrition is needed to get through the high-stress jobs, no matter how awful the scheduling is.


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.