Popular coffee shop Osaka-based Takagi Coffee recently opened its first Central East Japan location at Gyotoku Metro Pia in Gyotoku, Chiba prefecture! Their goal is to become Gyotoku’s refreshment spot by providing a relaxing and peaceful space with their high quality coffee, tasty pancakes and sandwiches.

The interior design filled with plants and greenery guarantees relaxing and restful mood.

Their popular pancakes are the signature item from famous pancake café Bellville. They are known for their fluffiness and volume. The pancakes are stacked up in 8 layers with fruits and other toppings in between! The pancake mix is always made once the order is in, so it isn’t just its looks that are excellent but also the freshness and the quality, too.

Takagi Coffee also roasts beans in house. This keeps their coffee always fresh, filling the shop with a nice aroma.

Try their fresh coffee with one of those incredibly fluffy pancakes, the cubic fruit sandwich made with in-house custard cream and whipped cream, cutlet sandwich that is perfectly filling for your lunch, or fresh veggie sandwich if you want to keep it healthy!

These are all available for takeout as well.

Try their iced tea made with fresh fruit, packed with vitamins for a summer recharge.

Using Bellville original tea, it creates wonderful harmony with fresh fruits!

The contrast between the strong tea and refreshing fruits makes it a perfect pairing for the dog days of summer. There’s also enough for 2-3 glasses, so you can order for the group and share, too.

Access location for the new shop can be found at the official website.

By - Mugi.