The traditional Japanese sweet kohakuto, usually translated as "amber sugar", seems to be experiencing a bit of a revival in popularity these days. Their crystal-like and colorful appearance gives them a unique, almost fantasy-like aesthetic, and the crunchy but chewy agar agar candies are just fun to chew on.

Leave it to husband and wife icing cookie artist duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG) to give them an amazing Pokémon fan art upgrade, however. In the past WHIP SUGAR has crafted some truly deliciously cute Pokémon sweets, including Psyduck desserts so cute they'll give you a headache and some delightful Pikachu holiday macarons.

Now WHIP SUGAR has whipped up a batch of maybe the perfect Pokémon for kohakuto, serving up Piplup as these adorably delicious crystal candies!

Source: @YuicihiroG

WHIP SUGAR made the shiny Piplup (and Pikachu) crystal candies using a mold they bought at one of Japan's Pokémon Centers. Combining kohakuto ingredients (you can follow in a video below), they were able to make some great-looking Piplup fan art candies to cool down during the summer.

Source: @YuicihiroG

Although they may just be a bit too cute to cut into!

Source: @YuicihiroG

WHIP SUGAR also shared a video detailing the making of the crystal Piplups, and the whole thing is so soothing it's being called ASMR!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.