Japan has seen quite a few companies and makers put a more pressing priority on putting forward initiatives driven by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but sometimes the smaller steps consumers take on an individual level can be just as important. For many in Japan, that's opting to to bring a pair of your own personal chopsticks with you when you eat out at establishments that offer wooden ones or picking up takeout. These are often referred to as "My hashi" ("My chopsticks").

Eco-friendly home goods maker N-Elephant is hoping to make the choice to bring your chopsticks with you easier, releasing an elegant "My Hashi Pouch" to carry yours in.

The pouches are available in four different colors, and are made of a fabric that resembles what it often used to wrap bento lunch boxes in Japan, making them a perfect way to carry accompanying chopsticks.

The washable fabric also means they're great for transporting stained chopsticks and other cutlery. Of course, they can be used to carry around any number of small goods.

The My Hashi Pouches are available for direct order online from N-Elephant in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.