On September 1st, 2021, eminess, Inc., a Japanese company with the mission to "free all women from having to endure suffering," launched MOON TREATS, a personalized subscription service, available to Japanese residents. The service delivers vegan sweets filled with the nutrients that women need for their menstrual health, scheduled to their menstrual cycle.

85% of women suffer from PMS but do nothing about it

Many women suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and its numerous physical and mental symptoms, some of the more common ones being irritability, depression, skin problems and bloating.

According to a survey of 70 women aged 20-40 conducted by MOON TREATS in March 2021, 85% of respondents said they suffer from PMS symptoms, but more than 35% did not or could not do anything about the symptoms.

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Despite the fact that research has shown that there is a correlation between PMS and nutrient intake, approximately 60% of respondents said that they did not know about it.

Turning gloomy days into cheerful ones

Generally speaking, if you count both the menstrual period and, for those who suffer from it, the time experiencing PMS, more than half of a woman's monthly life cycle is a potentially "depressive period" during which she endures some degree of physical or emotional discomfort.

eminess Inc. wants to use sweets not only as something women can enjoy to reward themselves but also as a starting point to help people understand the relationship between PMS and nutrition.

According to the press release, women tend to binge eat with a sense of guilt before their period. By adding nutrients that make women's minds and bodies happy to their sweets, the company hopes to change women's premenstrual periods from gloomy days to cheerful ones.

Five characteristics of Moon Treats

Vegan (plant-based)

No animal products such as eggs or dairy products are used. All of their sweets are made from plant-based ingredients that are kind to both the body and the environment.

Carefully selected ingredients

No white sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, chemical seasonings, colors, or flavors are added. All Moon Treats contain only carefully selected ingredients that can be eaten with peace of mind.


Moon Treats contribute to food loss by utilizing ingredients that would otherwise be discarded despite their high nutritional value, such as okara soy pulp, a by-product of tofu production. eminess Co. has also made the packaging as simple as possible to create a product that is environmentally friendly.

Munchable supplements

The Spinach and Green Tea Pound Cake contains 17.7 g of protein, and the Black Sesame Butter Sandwich contains 2.9 mg of iron, making them munchable supplements filled with nutrients that women tend to lack.

Collaboration between food and health experts

Under the supervision of a doctor and health coach who are experts in preventive medicine and nutrition, a contest-winning patissier develops the recipes and offers sweets that are individually hand-made in the workshop.

Service overview

Combining a hair test kit to determine your nutrient deficiencies and online consultation, eminess can diagnose your deficient nutrients and create a box of sweets customized to your needs and delivered according to a schedule that follows your menstrual cycle.

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  • Service name: Moon Treats
  • Hair test kit: 11,000 JPY per test (tax included)
  • Subscription fee: 3,240 JPY / month (tax included) / 1 box (6 sweets)
  • Website

About eminess Co., Ltd.

After working as a branding and marketing consultant specializing in the field of food, Saho Komatsu obtained her certification as an IIN Health Coach from the American Association for Alternative Medicine in Boston, USA, after which she founded the femtech company eminess Co., Ltd.

By addressing the minds and bodies of women through food and nutrition, the company aims to provide services to realize a society where all women can be free from having to endure suffering and enjoy full lives.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.