Even the most dedicated cat lover would probably draw the line at cracking open canned food with a cat on the label for their own personal meal, but a new joint release from Japanese non-profit cat rescue organization Neco Republic and Powder Trading company may just be exception.

In an effort to curve food loss, particularly fish-related food loss in Japan, the two will be releasing a lineup of canned fish titled "NekoKan". The cans contain perfectly edible fish that would otherwise be unfortunately disposed of (due to issues such as not being the perfect size or being a major fish type) that can be safely and deliciously served to both cats and humans.

The label features the lineup's concept of "no fish, no life!" as well as the slogan "mottainya", which combines the Japanese phrase of "don't let it go to waste" with "nya" ("meow" in Japanese) for an inspiring kitty pun. Isaki (Japanese grunt fish), flying fish, Japanese gurnard, Japanese seabass, deep-sea smelt, and sea bream. Despite the appearance of the cans, its content is actually intended for humans. However, the fish can also be safely served to cats after removing the salt by soaking it in hot water and draining.

The lineup's website suggests (when serving to humans) mixing up the variety of fish into dishes that include rolled omelets, minced spicy sashimi, Keema curry, acqua pazza, and grilled sardines.

Nekokan can be purchased at the official kachika online shop, with 3% of the proceeds from the sale of Nekokan donated to the Hogoneko Fund of Neko Republic, a shelter cat café, to support shelter cat activities.

By - Big Neko.