Preorders for Kumamoto Monogatari, a Yuzu liquor from Liquor Innovation began on March 31, 2021. Incredibly, it became so popular that 1000 bottles were sold in just a day. On May 2nd, the YouTube channel The Story of Sake and Yoto held an online event to drink the sour liquor to much fanfare! At the time, bottles were again offered for sale to the public, giving many who missed out the first time a second chance to grab a bottle.

And, of course, The Story of Sake and Yoto got a bump as well. The channel, the brainchild of YouTuber Yoto, hosts many videos focused on the celebration of fine alcohol and the culture of Kumamoto. Overall, the channel hosts several videos demonstrating to laypeople how to enjoy a stiff drink best.

Fortunately for Yoto and his fans, Kumamoto Monogatari is again on sale, a recent press release noted. Anyone interested can find bottles available for 3960 JPY from Kurand until September 10th.

YouTuber Yoto

Yoto is a former bartender who worked previously in Japan as well as in Spain. Currently, he hosts his channel where he gives back content to the community and shares his passion for the profession of bartending with the world. Currently, 260,000 patrons subscribe to his videos featuring many aspects of alcohol culture. Overall, the YouTuber says he wants his fans and subscribers to enjoy alcohol in their lives.

That said, Yoto is a big fan of Yuzu spirits. Commenting on the delicious beverage, he noted:

“This sour liquor is full of stories. This sake, which contains the spirit of Kumamoto, is best given as a gift to those who are facing a challenging time or otherwise going through a difficult period. Please give it as a gift to those who must work hard or those who have experienced problems. And be happy if you can drink it together with them.”

The online reaction

Sure enough, the sour liquor has been trending on Twitter:

"Finally it came, I've been waiting! 'Kumamoto Monogatari’ is a yuzu liqueur produced by Yoto. I'll put it in the fridge for Saturday's event. I read the enclosed message as well. lol"

"This tastes really good. I hope it goes on sale again."

"Good evening! It’s Kumamoto Monogatari. I'll open it a little early. I'll be careful not to drink too much. Cheers!"

"Kumamomto Monogatari has arrived. It's a sake made with care by my favorite YouTuber Yoto. I can't wait for the online event tonight."

"Kumamoto Monogatari. It 's so delicious that it's used not only as sake but also for cooking. I also bought one from the second sale. I can enjoy it again!"

"Today we have toast with peppers and dumplings to celebrate the second sale! Dumplings again, but they are the best match. Of course, I will buy another bottle."

"I bought another bottle of Kumamoto Monogatari."

Anyone interested should pick up a bottle while supplies last. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.