With dams to build and materials to gather, beavers are known to be quite industrious critters. Japanese Twitter user and animal enthusiast Chimu-chan (@nn930310) may have found one with a little extra gusto at the Aso Farm Land, a Kumamoto prefecture camp and park with an open petting zoo. Chimu-chan posted a video of a clumbsy, but adorable papa beaver carrying perhaps one too many carrots to bring back to his family.

As you can see, papa beaver is quite determined, but needs some help from staff when it comes to imposing obstacles like doors.

And even then he may be carrying one carrot too many.

But where there's a beaver will, there's a beaver way!

A happy ending and carrots for all! You can find well-mannered beavers and other cute critters at the Aso Farm Land in Kumamoto, as well as more adorable videos from @nn930310 on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.