Japanese digital marketing company canow, Co., Ltd. has launched a new lifestyle brand focused on ethical consumption called Reichtum (which means "riches" or "treasure" in German).

The first lineup of products will be available for pre-order from September 17th, 2021 on GoodMorning, Japanese crowdfunding platform Campfire's division for projects centered on social issues (link will be activated on September 17th JST).


In recent years, more attention has been focused on SDGs and ethical consumption in Japan. As a result of this growing awareness, one can see more Japanese people using eco-bags, trying to reduce waste in their lifestyle choices, and buying sustainable and fair trade products. On the other hand, many barriers still remain to be overcome before ethical consumption becomes more widespread. There are still relatively few people who are aware of it, and even if they have heard of it, it's not always easy for them to understand the benefits to society and their world.

Reichtum wants to help change this in Japan, by promoting the development and production of fashion items and casual style goods using environmentally-friendly materials, helping to form a community where individuals who communicate about ethical consumption can connect, and by providing a platform to help visualize the processes and benefits of ethical consumption. Thus, they would like to contribute to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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Crowdfunding returns

  • 1. 2,500 JPY: Reichtum original stickers (set of 3)
  • 2. 3,500 JPY: Reichtum original zipper bag (beige or khaki) w/ shoulder strap (leather or paracord)
  • 3. 5,000 JPY: Recycled biodegradable cotton t-shirt with Reichtum logo (M or L size)
  • 4. 10,000 JPY: Set of items 1. to 3.
  • 5. 10,000 JPY: Hoodie with Reichtum logo (M or L size)
  • 6. 50,000 JPY: Set of items 1. to 3. and an ethical leather sash (White, Brown or Black)
  • 7. 100,000 JPY: Set of items 1. to 3., 6., and an order-made ethical leather PC case

The campaign, which has a funding goal of 500,000 JPY, launches on September 17th, 2021 17:00 and will continue until October 8th 23:59 JST.

Mana Hayata, Project leader for Reichtum at canow Co., Ltd.

After working part-time in apparel sales in her college years, Hayata joined a major apparel company, then became involved in e-commerce operations. As she gained experience, she became aware of the consumer trend in sustainable fashion. At the same time, she sensed there was a difference in the degree of enthusiasm between sellers and buyers. In order to solve this issue, she joined canow Co., Ltd. and spearheaded the Reichtum project. Leveraging canow's new customer loyalty platform YELLtum, she aims to create an environment where ethical consumption can be visualized and encouraged.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.