“Wait...what is this!? A cake?”

That’s what one of the workers here at grape Japan thought when they opened the office fridge, and their surprised conclusion wasn’t actually wrong.

They look just like canned beverages, but not quite. Although, they are lined up perfectly with beers and other drinks in the fridge for after-work refreshment… let’s take a closer look!

They are, in fact, shortcakes in a can!

These canned (although the exterior is made of glass) shortcakes have become a popular hit among foodies and sweets lovers across Twitter and Instagram. The novelty of these canned cakes, their cute aesthetic, plus the fact that they’re so fun to eat as well explains why.

Since they are canned, it is easy to pack and transport in a bag without worrying about mushing and ruining the cake!

They are from Risotteria. GAKU, a specialty nighttime parfait shop with main locations in Tokyo and Sapporo city.

A 330ml can of shortcake is 1,100 yen including tax.

They are available in Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido.

Several in the office with a sweet tooth decided to give the popular canned parfaits a try to see what the buzz was about. As you can see, they come complete with lids that peel off just like a can.

The whipped cream is made with the celebrated fresh milk of Hokkaido. The strawberries used are

also from Hokkaido, the particularly sweet and summer-season suzu akane.

“There is plenty of whipped cream, but it’s not too sweet at all!” “This will go perfect with coffee” …the praises from around the office never seemed to stop.

It looks like not much when it’s packed in a small can, but if you actually eat a whole can of it, it’s quite a filling dessert.

This was enjoyable till the bottom of the can, a perfectly balanced serving of cream and fresh strawberries with spongy cake bits.

Next up we tried the smaller “Fuwa can-250ml Strawberry, chiffon cake and whipped cream” and “Fuwa can-250ml Melon, chiffon cake and whipped cream”.

Each of them is 800 yen, tax included.

From any angle, the can looks cute and is highlighted by the vibrant colors of the fruits that look almost as if they’re on the outside.

This Fuwa can series is filled with chunks of fruits all the way to the top of the can.

You can enjoy not only the taste of the dessert, but also the new way of eating it, which is double the fun!

This delicious dessert is filled with plenty of whipped cream and sponge cake, and then the fruit chunks from top to bottom. You can also see the fruit puree on the side of the can.

Staff who tried them said that the sponge cake was very moist and tasty, and the whipped cream had a soft texture, too.

In Sapporo, it is also available in vending machines, which makes for a fun way to buy your dessert.

Risotteria. GAKU also has both series available on their online store as well.

By - Mugi.