So Valentine's Day came and went. In Japan, many women make sweets by hand to hand it out to people (from colleagues to someone they are interested in). And many of these women don't actually bake stuff. As a result, it often ends up in disaster.

So, we bring to you some 'interesting' Valentine's creation from Japan!

How did you end up with this?

It was meant to be Anpanman

It started off looking round and cute, but then...

No food should ever go to waste... so they say.

Or a shape of heart

The following dough was heart-shaped before baking. Now check out what happened after baking.

This green tea cake is your worst nightmare

This... is soil, isn't it?

Apparently they were told this was the easiest sweets to make

The ideal and reality...

And there were many failed attepmts...

Maker of this sweets goes to a dentistry school... No wonder.

Eat teeth with teeth.

Well, at least it will bring some laughter with these sweets. We'd love to receive some of these!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.