Sailor Moon returns with a new collaboration campaign with the vitamin supplements Chocola BB, sold by the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Eisai.

The Sailor Moon franchise has had a few collaborations with Chocola BB in the past, and this time they've teamed up again to promote the new Sailor Moon movie, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal (『美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal』 bishōjo senshi sērāmūn itānaru).

The campaign started in August and will last until the end of September 2021.

The new collaboration prizes are divided into two types:

Original goods Prizes A and B

If you purchase 5,000 yen (tax included) or more, you can apply for the A prize. It consists of an original glittery jewelry box featuring the new movie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal. For prize A, there will only be five lucky winners.

Or you can opt for the B prize if your purchase is 2,000 yen (tax included) or more. You can apply for it and get an opportunity to win a unique LED night light projector featuring Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

The B prize offers bigger chances, and around 30 lucky fans that applied can get their hands on one of the beautiful LED night projectors.

You can apply for either of them until the end of September by using the receipt and purchasing the participating items listed below:

  • Chocola BB® Light (designated quasi-drug)
  • Chocola BB® Royal 2 (designated quasi-drug)
  • Chocola BB® Hyper (designated quasi-drug)
  • Chocola BB® Gold Rich (designated quasi-drug)
  • Chocola BB® Fresh II (designated quasi-drug)
  • Chocola BB® Fe Charge (nutritional/ functional food - Iron)
  • Chocola BB® sparkling (nutritional/ functional food - Niacin)
  • Chocola BB® rich ceramide (food with function claims)

Sailor Moon QUO Card 

Everyone has a chance of winning a QUO card (500-yen worth) after purchasing one of the Chocola BB targeted items.

There are six original designs, and it changes depending on the product you have chosen. The campaign lasts until the end of September, and all you need is a receipt to prove you have purchased one of the products.

Here are the participating items:

  • Chocola BB® Royal 2 (designated quasi-drug): Super Sailor Moon QUO Card!
  • Chocola BB® Sparkling (Nutrition Functional Food -Niacin): Super Sailor Chibi Moon QUO Card
  • Chocola BB® Rich Ceramide (Food with Function Claims): Super Sailor Mercury QUO Card
  • Chocola BB® Hyper (designated quasi-drug): Super Sailor Mars QUO Card!
  • Chocola BB® Gold Rich (designated quasi-drug): Super Sailor Jupiter QUO Card!
  • Chocola BB® Light (designated quasi-drug): Super Sailor Venus QUO card!

※Please note that you will only receive one QUO card even if you purchase more than one participating item (on the same receipt).

To apply for the prizes, you will also need to register as a member of Easi-it and upload the receipt when sending the application via the campaign page.

They will announce the prize lottery winners after the application period (after the 30th of September).

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