U-Treasure, a Japanese jewelry outlet specializing in character jewelry, recently came up with a new collection item.

This time, they are back with a 3D ring that features two popular characters from Pokémon: Pikachu and Pichu.

Fans will notice that besides the two adorable Pocket Monsters, there are other cute elements incorporated in the design, such as shining stars and electric bolts. The ring has a very detailed design, and it is available in two materials:

  • Silver, with yellow gold plating. Price: 17,600 JPY (including tax)
  • K18 yellow gold .Price: 99,000 JPY (including tax)

Fans can pre-order the ring until the 11th of October, and it will get shipped around the end of January next year. You can order it at the U-Treasure Concept Store in Ikebukuro or on their Official Website.

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By - cinnamonellie.