Godiva Japan Co., Ltd. has announced that they are selling three completely new chocolates and drinks using chocolate made exclusively from 100% cacao fruit, in limited quantities and for a limited time from October 13th to November 9th, 2021. The items will only be available at ATELIER de GODIVA locations, upscale specialty shops exclusive to Japan featuring the best of Godiva's craftsmanship and chocolate artistry.

These new chocolate creations are fashioned by the chef of ATELIER de GODIVA using "Whole Fruit Chocolate," made with 100% cacao fruit, without the addition of white sugar, lecithin or vanilla, and characterized by its unique fruity taste highlighting the natural freshness of cacao fruit. Moreover, the chocolate is a sustainable product, prioritizing earth-friendly procurement of raw materials.

You can now enjoy the "Whole Fruit Chocolate Chocolixir," a chocolate drink with a distinctive blend of sweet and mild tartness using 100% cacao fruit chocolate, and served in a special dark chocolate container handmade by the chef of ATELIER de GODIVA. In addition, the "Whole Fruit Chocolate Tablet," a chocolate bar with the pure taste of 100% cacao fruit chocolate tempered and fashioned in ATELIER de GODIVA's kitchens, will also be available. Finally, chocolate lovers who enjoy something closer to cake will appreciate the "Whole Fruit Chocolate Terrine."

Product lineup

ホールフルーツチョコレート タブレット Whole Fruit Chocolate Bar

Price: Take-out only, 897 JPY (tax included)

ホールフルーツチョコレート ショコリキサー Whole Fruit Chocolate Chocolixir

Price: Eat-in only, 1,650 JPY (tax included)

ホールフルーツチョコレート テリーヌ Whole Fruit Chocolate Terrine

Price: Take-out only, 1,296 JPY (tax included)


  • ATELIER de GODIVA Seibu Ikebukuro
  • ATELIER de GODIVA Daimaru Kyoto
  • ATELIER de GODIVA Hakata Hankyu
  • Note: ATELIER de GODIVA Hakata Hankyu only sells takeout products, so the "Whole Fruit Chocolate Chocolixir" is not available

For more information and for ATELIER de GODIVA addresses and hours, please visit their home page here (Japanese only).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.