All-you-can-eat yakiniku, or grilled meat dining, is one of Japan's favorite celebratory eating experiences. One of its most appealing aspects is that you can very often enjoy a mouthwatering smorgasbord of meats and vegetables to your heart's content as an affordable set price. However, if you want to enjoy all-you-can-eat premium wagyu, you're likely going to need to stretch your budget.

Fortunately, Japanese yakiniku chain "Yakiniku Watami" is making the highest grade of wagyu available for a very affordable all-you-can-eat course. It's not just your standard meat feast, however, as the chain is doing it as a way to combat food waste and help out those who cultivated the meat during the coronavirus pandemic.

A5 rank Japanese Black Beef Kalbi Sendai Beef / Satsuma Beef - Tenjitsu Salt & Chopped Wasabi

Yakiniku no Watami has purchased enough A5 grade wagyu from Satsuma and Sendai cattle ranchers and farmers to last for a year, in order to support producers who are struggling to sell their products due to the pandemic, and to make it easier for customers to enjoy high quality wagyu beef. For a limited time, they will be offering their A5 wagyu all-you-can-eat course, which is normally priced at 4,380 yen for 3,980 yen. As the course contains 110 items, it's quite the meaty steal!

The course, which runs from March 8th-14th, will include A5 wagyu lean beef, kalbi, sukiyaki, sirloin steak cuts, beef tongue, and even wagyu ramen. It's not just a great opportunity to try premium wagyu prepared in a variety of delicious ways, but also to lend support to workers who have been compromised by the ongoing pandemic.

The special deal will be available at all 21 Yakiniku no Watami locations throughout Japan, so bon appetite!

By - Big Neko.