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Japanese bodybuilder moved to tears when fan holds his phone up to him at the gym

For many gym-goers focused on their workout, it can be huge pet peeve to have someone approach them and chat outside gym-related talk like asking to get a set in or asking for a spotter. So for bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Naasuke (@Naasuke_fit), when a stranger approached him and held his phone up to his face, you can understand if he was a bit upset.

Naasuke's apprehension quickly turned to a completely different emotion, however, as the bodybuilder was moved to tears by what his fellow gym member showed him.

Naasuke recently shared his tale of the experience on Twitter, where he received an outpouring of appreciation from others who were equally as moved:

"Today at the gym, a man suddenly showed me the screen of his smart phone. I thought 'what the heck?' and there was a note written that said 'I have a hearing impairment but watch your videos" and I thought I was going to cry. From now on I'll put full subtitles on all my videos. This is what motivates me."

Many on Twitter were moved by the encounter, and touched by his thoughtful decision to put in an extra rep for hearing impaired fans going forward:

"It's a wonderful story! I'm rooting for you."

"I'm also deaf. I know it's hard to make fully subtitled videos but it's a big help!"

"I'm glad that you're so thoughtful."

By - Big Neko.