Launched in February of this year, sweets brand Ankoto focuses on showcasing the very best of anko in the form of lovable nostalgic sweets.
Everyday, adzuki beans harvested from Hokkaido’s Tokachi are prepared and cooked by anko craftsmen, before being kneaded carefully into the mixtures of Ankoto’s speciality anko desserts.

The first in the brand lineup, was the ‘Anko Cheesecake’, which since it’s launch at the beginning of the year has quickly become a popular choice amongst sweet tooths. After more than 100 trials the brand was able to settle on the ultimate blend of adzuki beans and cheese.
Anything of this quality can only be made with the best of the best, so of course the cheese chosen for the mixture is none other than the ‘King of Cheese’, Brie de Meaux. This unique combination of anko and creamy cheese create a rich-flavoured and contrasting-textured dessert that anyone with even a smidgen of curiosity should try.

The second addition to Ankoto’s lineup was the ‘Anko Milk Bar’ which combines adzuki beans with fresh milk from free-roaming Jersey cows born and raised on the plains in Kumamoto’s Aso-Oguni area.

Now the brand is adding to their lineup with the reveal of their third release – ‘Siberia’ – which will be joining the other two sweets on Ankoto’s online store from the 23rd of October 2021.

‘Siberia’ is made by sandwiching yokan and homemade red bean paste between two layers of castella cake.
The dough used for Ankoto’s castella cake is made with rice flour, meaning that the finished dessert is not only left with a soft, lightweight yet firm finish, but is also gluten free.
Calpis butter has been used to help retain the lightness of the cake as the flavour and richness gets a boost from the natural sweetness of sugar beets.

A mixture of timeless classics, Siberia is accompanied by an air of nostalgia that will transport your taste buds to days gone by.
Coming in a long log-like shape, Siberia can be cut into cubes of triangles according to your preferences.

Ankoto’s ‘Siberia’ castella and anko cake

Price (tax included) : 3,240 yen + shipping fee
Sales start: Saturday, 23rd of October 2021
Sales days: Every Saturday and Sunday (The online store opens at 10am on Saturday mornings, and ends as soon as stocks run out.)
Delivery method: Frozen
Available from: Ankoto online store

By - Connie Sceaphierde.