Toru Narita is most famous his work on the Ultraman series, particularly his creative monster design, but took much inspiration from oni, the demons of Japanese folklore. So there may be no better place in Japan to commemorate the late artist's work than the Japanese Oni Exchange Museum located in Fukuchiyama Japan, a city rich with oni history and myths.

The Japanese Oni Exchange Museum normally exhibits traditional performing arts related to demons from all over Japan as well as materials related to demon culture in Japan, but this fall is hosting a special exhibit titled Toru Narita and Oni that features original monster and oni sketches by Narita.

Here are the exhibit details as well as an introduction to it from the museum.

Introduction: "In his late years, Toru Narita spent his time researching monsters from all over the world, but particularly pursuing what Japanese monsters were. He left several crucial art works based on oni. He is also known for his role as an art director, creating many famous Ultraman enemies and monster characters such as Alien Baltan and Pigmon. In this exhibition, we will take a closer look to find out what magnified so much Narita to the world of oni.

There will be many of Narita’s rare artworks such as his original sketch and nni monument designing sketches."

Place: Japanese Oni Exchange Museum(909 Oecho Busshoji Fukuchiyama city, Kyoto prefecture 620-0321)

Date: October 19th, 2021 to November 28th, 2021

Time: 9 am to 5 pm (Last entry at 4:30pm)

Closed on every Monday except holidays (also closed a day after holiday)

Fee: General public-330 yen, High school students-220 yen, Elementary and Jr.High school students- 160 yen

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By - Mugi.