Starbucks seasonal, limited-time and limited-edition drinks are something I look forward to every year.

This year, they came up with the Pumpkin Spice Latte drink and a delicious Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino (made of satsumaimo, one of the sweet potato types in Japan).

Besides the abovementioned drinks, they have recently played a trick on the sweet potato drink and turned it into a Treat with Trick sweet potato Frappuccino with chocolate powder and bright purple sweet potato sauce.

The colors are bright, Halloweeny, and you can even get candy that fizzles and pops in your mouth as a topping (for a small additional fee).

However, if you want to grab a Starbucks drink and you don’t happen to have a Starbucks nearby, you can pop by the Family Mart convenience store and get their new drink: Caramel Brûlée with Coffee Jelly.

It's the perfect boost of caffeine, also perfect for a dessert, and an irresistible beverage for fans of Starbucks coffee and their limited-edition drinks.

The sweet latte combines the bittersweet caramel brûlée with milk and Starbucks coffee jelly. Not only is it delicious, but it fills your stomach, and I think it can even replace breakfast or a snack between meals.

It has a rich taste that's perfect for this season, and even the package of the cup has an autumn feel to it.

You can find the beverage exclusively at Family Mart convenience stores for around 230 yen (248 yen including tax).

※Please note that the prices may differ depending on the area.

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By - cinnamonellie.