Japan's convenience stores stock several bite-size chocolate bars in the snack section, and one of the most popular of these options is ‘Black Thunder’, known for its crunchy texture.

Not only is this classic chocolate an affordable and easy-to-find treat for chocoholics in Japan, but there has also been some quite creative releases recently for adventurous Black Thunder fans to enjoy. This includes a ‘corn soup flavour’ Black Thunder, and even a whole ‘Black Thunder Apple Pie’ that was released at a bakery.

Now they’re branching out into beverages, with a little help from convenience store Family Mart. The ‘Black Thunder Frappe’ looks like the perfect frozen drink for summer, and it even comes in two flavours.

The ‘black’ version is the ‘Kuroi Black Thunder Chocolate Frappe’. This is based on the standard Black Thunder, known and loved throughout Japan, and recreates the chocolate’s signature crunchiness.

And the ‘white’ version is the ‘Shiroi Black Thunder Cookie Vanilla Frappe’. This one is inspired by the ‘White Black Thunder’ which is exclusive to Hokkaido prefecture, but the beverage version is available nationwide. Even if it is difficult to travel at the moment, you can now enjoy a little taste of Hokkaido at your local Family Mart.

Both of these drinks cost 320 yen each and can be found at branches of Family Mart in Japan as part of their Famima Cafe menu.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.