Source: @mopiemon0514

Genius chinchilla in Japan will melt your heart

Japanese Twitter user Mopi & Emon (@mopiemon0514) is the happy owner of three adorable chinchillas. Her posts are popular on Twitter and the three seem to have quite a following.

Here’s Emon enjoying a treat!

Next we have Mopi scuttling about, while Noko looks on.

Their Twitter feed is full of adorable clips and pictures like these.

But one recent post has topped the rest.

Did you know chinchillas can read?

Check out this recent picture of Noko posted by her owner.

"She’s reading the instruction manual for me."

Twitter users absolutely loved this scene, with one giving her glasses and praising Noko as a genius.

  • She’s so clever she can read letters! (LOL)
  • Too cute! (crying)
  • She’s not just going to read the manual, but end up in charge of operations too!

Let’s just hope that Noko’s instruction manual doesn’t end up in her belly. Just saying…

For more heart-warming chinchilla action, be sure to check out the user’s Twitter account below!

By - Mujo.