As we've seen in the past with enormous wearable felt cat heads, Japan is no stranger to some of the more quirkier types of headgear out there. But whether it's felt, leather, or steel, perhaps the country's most eccentric outlet for the passion and craftsmanship behind making these artistic and sometimes absolutely surreal masks is the Tokyo Mask Festival. The event serves as a gathering for makers of masks and costuming enthusiasts, and believe us, there's a mask for everything!

At the event, makers who produce masks and other related goods such as goggles, hoods, and armor take to vendor tables to sell their intricately crafted items to enthusiasts, who often show up sporting their own original costumes and masks. Items on display include traditional Japanese theater masks, fetish headwear, steampunk goggles, and extremely lifelike felt animal heads. At a mere 1,000 yen entry, it's a great opportunity to appreciate art, pick up some costuming accessories, or simply take in the atmosphere of a dream world filled with fantasy armor, furry heads, and adventurous masks.

Here's a look at just some of the mask-makers and the types of mask they provide. A full list of participating makers can be found here.


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Komen Koamido

Tatana Genyukan

Nihon no Doubutsu Kai


And of course attendees!

March 19th, Sunday


Art Center of Tokyo, 1-4-1 Senju, Adachi-ku (White Studio)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.